Friday, February 15, 2013

Can you identify this corrosion type?

Microbial corrosionI have an image of corroded steel plate.I found this from a ship.This is a cargo vessel.So i want to find out the corrosion type of this plate.Not only blisters appear on the surface, there are some areas having pits.Normally we can assume it as a hydrogen blistering.But this plate is not placed in a acidic medium.Is there any possibility for hydrogen blistering without any acidic medium or is this another type of corrosion? can you explain this one.

At the same time i was able to see a ultra sonic testing.Below video present how it was done.Actually we tested same plate as seen in above image.Because of this corrosion plate thickness of the steel plate reduce 11mm to around 9mm,with in 2 years.
This question one is raised by Materials engineering student, Level 2 (Anonymous)

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