Thursday, February 9, 2012

UAV fuselage to be made of carbon fiber composites

Justify FullAdvanced Composites Group Ltd., U.K., has been selected by Schiebel Corp., Vienna, Austria, as one of its preferred suppliers of material for its Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). It measures about ten feet long by 3.5 feet high by four feet wide, with a rotor diameter of about 11 feet. It is capable of carrying a 55-pound payload for up to six hours. MTM 49 and prepregs were selected for the manufacture of the carbon-fiber monocoque fuselage, and LTM 212 prepregs were selected for tooling.

The MTM49 component prepreg cures at 80 to 160°C (176 to 320°F). It is a toughened epoxy matrix resin specifically formulated for the manufacture of components requiring excellent ambient and hot mechanical performance combined with good impact resistance. It exhibits a good balance of temperature resistance and toughness properties.

The LTM212 tooling prepreg system is based on proprietary low-temperature cure epoxybased
formulations that may be post-cured to produce high service-temperature tooling capable of withstanding 210°C (410°F). At ambient temperature, LTM212 offers a maximum drape life of two and a half days, and is autoclave-workable for four days.
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