Tuesday, December 3, 2019

New Form of Carbon Nanotubes called as Buckypaper

Carbon Nanotubes (buckypaper) for body armors and batteries

Next-generation body armor and batteries could be within reach according to a group of Drexel University engineers who recently presented their work with a sophisticated weave of carbon nanotubes, commonly called buckypaper, in ACS NanoThe researchers, led by Dr. Christopher Li, a professor in Drexel’s Materials Science and Engineering Department, reported the process to fabricate a new form of buckypaper using a nano hybrid structure resembling a shish kebab. In the shish kebab the “skewers” are nanotubes and polymer crystal are the “kebabs” that hold the nanotubes apart. Li demonstrated that the crystals allow researchers to control the pores’ sizes and change the buckypaper’s conductivities, surface roughness and abilities to shed water.“This research shows that we can use this ‘shish-kebab’ instead of the carbon nanotube itself to build a three-dimensional membrane with controlled pore size, so this opens up a playground for using it for electrochemical devices such as batteries,” Li said.

How to form Buckypaper

Standard buckypaper is formed by depositing a very thin layer of entangled carbon nanotubes to create a fiber mat akin to office paper. Li and colleagues note that no existing post-processing method allows researchers to increase the size of the tiny holes, or pores, between the carbon nanotubes after they form the buckypaper. Li’s group looked for a way to do that and to introduce other substances to buckypaper that could make it more useful in electronics or as sensors.
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