Monday, December 3, 2012

Natural fiber reinforced snowboard

A snowboard designed and developed by Magine Snowboards, Canada, uses biotex flax fiber, a natural reinforcement that provides high performance and easy processing normally associated with glass fiber-reinforced composites but with lower weight and environmental impact. Biotex flax fiber is made by Composites Evolution, Chesterfield, UK, and uses a unique twistless technology to ensure a high degree of fiber alignment, impregnation, and performance
. The snowboard consists of a wooden laminate core, sandwiched between two layers of Biotex flax fabric, and a top and bottom plastic layer, all bonded together using an eco-epoxy resin system. 
Natural fibers and renewable resins for composites applications offer advantages over conventional composite materials including low weight, high vibration damping, high thermal insulation, low energy and CO2 duringproduction, safer handling, and improved end-of-life options.
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