Sunday, December 8, 2019

Composite of white graphene and BN – New way of making insulating material with enhanced stiffness

addition of graphene chains to BN to make composite
Scientists at Rice University, Houston, are modifying an insulating material called hexagonal-boron (h-BN) to make it more applicable for a wide range of applications.

Relationship between graphene and steel

It is found that stiffness of steel is less than by one-fourth of the stiffness of white graphene, well-known 2D material. Also, it is a better conductor of heat. Composites will be benefited due to these enhanced properties compared to conventional material.

Those qualities also make h-BN hard to customize. Because it is considered to be a tight lattice structure where shifting Nitrogen and Boron atoms are highly restricted.

Chemical phenomina of producing composite insulating material

Rice’s Angel Martí has established a protocol to enhance h-BN with carbon chains. These turn the 2D material into one that retains its strength but is more amenable to bonding with polymers or other materials in composites.
Lithium is an alkali metal that sheds free electrons when combined with liquefied ammonia. A Carbon source mixed with h-BN considered as 1-Bromododecane, the reaction yields radical of alkyl, a chemical species that reacts with h-BN and makes a bond.

Martí and his group are exploring what other kinds of molecules can be grafted onto white graphene. The goal is to build a library of functional groups that can be used with composite materials.
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