Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Material Science Researches based on Laser technology (petawatt laser)

The outcome of new materials science research on Laser

Most powerful Laser - Zeus
A new three-petawatt laser named Zeus will soon be built at the University of most powerful Laser - Zeus Michigan (U-M), Ann Arbor. Funded with $16 million from the National Science Foundation, this new Laser machine opens a new path for basic and applied experiments and will test a leading theory on how the universe operates at a subatomic level.
The results could lead to advancements in materials science, medicine, and national security. “This new Laser instrument may have maximum peak power inside the U.S may be among the world’s most powerful lasersystems for coming decade,” says Karl Krushelnick, director of the GĂ©rard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Science at U-M, where the laser will be built.
The U.S. built the world’s first petawatt laser in 1996 but has not kept pace with more ambitious systems under construction elsewhere. This includes two 10-petawatt systems in Europe and a 5.3-petawatt laser in China, which also has plans to build a 100-petawatt laser. Zeus will be an upgrade of an existing 0.5-petawatt laser known as Hercules.
The new laser will be a user facility, providing access to extreme laser intensities to scientists and engineers across the country. One of the planned experiments will shoot the laser at a high energy electron beam going the opposite way in order to mimic a much more powerful zettawatt laser. With this capability, the U-M team is most excited concerning the likelihood of searching quantum field theory, the ruling theory of the way the universe operates at the subatomic level. Regarding materials science activities, Zeus could help develop
methods such as improving the detection of nuclear weapons materials in shipping containers and exploring how materials change on very fast timescales.
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